About Me

I’m Christine McDevitt, a certified EFT tapping practitioner and licensed occupational therapist. My drive for helping clients with stuck problems stems from both my healthcare career and personal experience.

I spent over twenty years as an occupational therapist providing rehab to people living with serious illnesses, injuries, and the aftermath of traumatic life events. During that time, I was struck by the number of people who became stuck at some point in their healing process.

For some, stuck was physical (e.g., unexplained chronic symptoms). For others, it was mental (e.g., wanting to change but continuing to make the same harmful choices) or emotional (e.g., unable to let go of fear or resentment).

I saw that, for many people, traditional medical care and/or counseling wasn’t enough for them to get unstuck, and they continued to suffer.

For me, stuck was pain that showed up out of the blue. Instead of resolving in a few days like I expected, it kept getting worse and just wouldn’t leave. All the medical tests were normal, and recommended treatments had little to no effect. Even my own arsenal of therapy tricks didn’t bring lasting relief. Stuck pain was affecting every part of my life, and I’d had enough. So, I went in search of other options.

EFT played a huge role in my getting unstuck; now I use the work to help others do the same. I am a practitioner certified in both Clinical EFT and Energy Psychology and trained by Dawson Church, a leading researcher in the field.

I’m based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and work virtually with clients from across the country and around the world.